Refund Policy

Last updated on 5th June 2021

If you received a fraud, different, broken or missing item, please follow the instructions below.

EZ Household™ delivery

After received our product at your preferred destination, please check before leaving. Otherwise a refund is not available. If for somehow the product doesn’t work after you try it, please contact us on Instagram or email with proof of video of you using the exact same product. You’ll receive a refund or exchange depending on us. This period only last 48 hours after receiving the item.

PosLaju or other carrier

Please request us whether your item you’ve received is fraud, different, broken, missing or etc. within 60 hours. Otherwise, you’ll not eligible for a refund. Please contact us via our Instagram direct message or email.

If the product is broken, differ or missing, check if the item is delivered from    either ‘EZ Household’ or ‘The GWK Team’. If not, it could be wrong item delivered to the wrong address. If yes and product is broken, meaning it could be broken during delivery and we’ll contact the carrier about it.